AUNUA Enterprise’s consulting services offers expert guidance and tailored solutions for your business, personal or professional development needs. We specialize in a range of areas, including business strategy, operational efficiency, ESG and organizational change, with expert consultants in the both professional and personal development spaces. Let us be your partner on your growth journey!



  • FREE Consulting exploratory call.
  • Based on your needs we will create a bespoke plan that fits your requirement.
  • Creating marketing strategies, campaigns or events that align with your goals.
  • Bespoke packages available.

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At AUNUA Enterprise, we offer marketing with a difference! Our bespoke marketing campaigns blend creativity and strategy to enhance your brand’s marketplace presence. Our experts identify your brand’s core message, and work with you to create engaging impact-aligned campaigns across digital and traditional channels to foster loyalty and deliver measurable results. We’re your partner for impactful marketing experiences, from product launches to brand strengthening.

Choose from a range of projects that you can align with based on your CSR goals, interests, products or services. We charge fair market rates with a percentage of our earnings supporting these incredible initiatives. As a bonus, we also showcase your brand in Impactoverse’s Virtual World of Impact, a bespoke virtual space focused on innovation, collaboration, education and impact.

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